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July, 1963 Establishment of Head Office (Daimon, Tamae-cho, Toyohashi )
December, 1995 Jun Necktie was changed into a Limited Company
December, 1996 Jun Necktie was changed into an Incorporate Company. The sales department was established in
Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto
January, 1999 Jun Necktie headquarters was moved to Touji-in, Kita-ku, Kyoto
March, 2002 The new office building (of 158 tsubos) in Kitano Hakubaicho, Kyoto.was completed
(the existing business headquarters).
April, 2003 Outfitting miscellaneous goods (belts) business is launched.
July, 2005 The existing representative's assumption of office.
April, 2006 Outfitting miscellaneous goods (muffler stall) business is launched.
October, 2006 The establishment of China office.


Toyohashi office

Head Office

7-16,Daimon,Tamae-cho Toyohashi Aichi 440-0021,Japan 
TEL:81-532-61-6717 FAX:81-532-61-6650

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Kyoto office

Kyoto Office

46,Kitanonishihakubai-cho,Kita-ku,Kyoto 603-8327,Japan
TEL:81-75-465-4715 FAX:81-75-465-4716

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