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A flexible idea that is not limited to a framework,
and will lead not only in the present day, but towards the future.

message from our president

In a world where competition is seen internationally, an increase in the speed of business and cutting down on costs are desired for most corporations. In an era like this, not only do we need changes in business strategies, but also innovative changes within the office environment.While increasing the productivity of the office and cutting down on costs, we at Jun Necktie are committed in structuring the office system efficiently.While committing to our client's needs, we hope to restructure our system so that the planning, manufacturing and the sales of products will all be part of an efficient system. Without being constrained by the norms, we hope to higher the potential of our products so that we can challenge the aparell market with enthusiasms.
company philosophy


  • We strive to contribute to society with a global perspective.
  • We are never satisfied. We strive to create and be able to adapt to innovative ideas.
  • Our foremost priority is to build a relationship of trust and be loyal in everything we do.
  • We have gained the trust of our client's by training and educating our employees to be professionals of the products we provide.
  • With originality in our quality and design, we offer products that will enrich the mind.

company profile

Trade name JUN NECKTIE Co,Ltd
The chairman Masazumi Yamaguchi
President Shogo Shirase
Head Office 7-16,Daimon,Tamae-cho Toyohashi Aichi 440-0021,Japan 
TEL:81-532-61-6717 FAX:81-532-61-6650
Kyoto Office 46,Kitanonishihakubai-cho,Kita-ku,Kyoto 603-8327,Japan
TEL:81-75-465-4715 FAX:81-75-465-4716
Founded 1963,July
Established 1995,December
Area of Business Outfitting miscellaneous goods production wholesale
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Employees 22
Handling Necktie・muffler・belt・wallet・leather goods・bags
Main Clients Menswear store・GMS(General Merchandise Store)・Departmentstore・Wholesaler
Main Banks Gamagori Shinkin Bank(Tamae Branch)
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